periods of ellipsis


Believer of the beauty in simple things: a handwritten note, the sun on your back, the tune that you whistle as you shop for groceries, the warmth of a smile, the words unspoken in a glance....
How one song can wrap you up, tangle & untangle those knots and change it all.

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Radiohead- How Can You Be Sure? ( or “when I’m like this” on The Bends Japanese release)

these memories have lost color and faded, but not forgotten

seen all the good things and bad
running down the hill
all so battered and brought to the ground
i am hungry again, i am drunk again
with all the money i owe to my friends
and when i’m like this
how can you be smiling and singing
how can you be sure?
if you walk out the door
will i see you again?
if so much of me lies in your eyes

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